Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you use non-gmo tofu?

Yes and our local tofu supplier, Michigan Soy, uses organic, non-gmo soybeans.

2. How long will Superdip last in my refrigerator?

Be sure to check the 'best by' date on your container. Based on shelf-life testing, we date Superdip 6 weeks from when it was made. At that point it is still NOT spoiled and shows NO sign of bacteria growth, but its consistency changes as little and the vinegar becomes a little more prominent. 

​3. Can Superdip be frozen?

Yes. We discovered this as a happy accident. We wouldn't suggest freezing it for more than 2 months and be sure to stir after thawing as that does cause the ingredients to separate a bit. Also know that Superdip is thinner after freezing- making it even more conducive for use as a salad dressing.

4. What is Terra Alba?

Terra Alba is a natural product. It is finely ground gypsum powder that is used to coagulate soy and help it develop into tofu.

5. Where are you located?

We produce our Superdip in Royal Oak, Michigan. A suburb just north of Detroit.

6. Are you hiring?

Not at this point. We plan to grow big and strong, but for now we are putting all of our energy (and money) into getting our product out to you.

7. Where can I buy Superdip?

Check out our page                                  for stores and locations.   

Like us on Facebook, follow us in Instagram and we will also keep you updated on where Superdip is being sold.